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Pro 2 Soft Case

This rugged, high quality soft case for the Pro 2 is available now! Click here for more details.

Price: $209.99

Mopho x4 Gig Bag

Mopho x4/SE Gig Bag. Available now!

Price: $69.99

PE Conversions

Kits are available to convert your Prophet '08, Prophet '08 SE, Evolver Keyboard, and Poly Evolver Keyboard to the Potentiometer Edition (PE). Factory installation is also available. For details, see Modifications.

Editor/Librarian Software

The Soundtower Editor/Librarian software for DSI products—including the free LE versions for Mopho, Tetra, and the Mopho Keyboard—is now available directly from Soundtower. See soundtower.com for more information.